Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us, quote your customer number and the user you lost the password for. We will send a new password to the email address that is specified in our administration.
Sure we can, backups are made for a reason!

We always have at least files of the current week. If you want a backup, please contact us making note your username and password of your account (so we can check you are who you say you are), what you want to receive (site or database?) and the date of the backup you wish to receive. We will send you this information as soon as possible.
By default, a index.html file is created for your website that says this website is reserved. If you are in your / httpdocs directory removes the index.html or overwrite the file, and the message will be gone.
Sometimes it can be useful if a site is an exact copy of another site, or if both are loaded from the same directory.

This is not possible by default, but we can set this up for free for you. Please Contact us, making note of the site and from which directory to load.
By default we don't support Wildcard DNS (* from the control panel, but this can be setup for free for you. Please contact us and let us know for which site you need this.
You can see your website statistics
(Replace by your domain name).

This must be activated for your website. To turn it on: Log in through the control panel, click the site name, click on "Setup". Check "Web statistics" to, and possibly "accessible via password protected directory / plesk-stat" to make password protection (same data set for FTP) to set up.