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Service Level Agreements

When you purchase an SLA from TotallyHosted in combination with your (managed) colocated or (managed) dedicated server, you can contractually stipulate certain requirements.

Included with every SLA

  • Monitoring; On request also by e-mail.
  • Backup (500GB per VPS + 1TB per physical server)
  • Hardware + Software troubleshooting and solving software issues (for hardware only with dedicated servers also solving/replacing hardware)
  • Patches, updates en upgrades
  • Use blacklist

Service time & Response time

8x5xNBD: Elke werkdag *: 09:00 - 17:00 CET: Volgende werkdag
12x7x3: Elke dag **: 07:00 - 19:00 CET: binnen 3 uur ***
24x7x3: Elke dag **: 24 uur per dag: binnen 3 uur ***

* Elke werkdag: Maandag tot vrijdag, uitgezonderd officiële feestdagen
** Elke dag: Maandag tot zondag
*** Klant dient TotallyHosted per storingsnummer op de hoogte te stellen van de situatie

NBD: Next Business Day
CET: Central European Time

SLA Rates

SLA Response Prijs
#1 8x5xNBD € 75,00
#2 12x7x3 € 150,00
#3 24x7x3 € 300,00

SLAs apply to both physical servers and VPSs.
With hardware + VPS, hardware coverage must be at least equal to VPS
Hours on issues/management/upgrades included (Linux/hardware)
With more than 10 SLAs of the same level for either physical server or VPSs, the price of 1 category cheaper applies.

SLA conditions

Monitoring; On request also by e-mail:
TotallyHosted will monitor the server(s) of the customer 24/7. Both the customer and the staff of TotallyHosted will be notified within 5 minutes by SMS if the test page is inaccessible. TotallyHosted can not be held liable for malfunctions in the SMS center.

Backup (500GB per VPS + 1TB per physical server):
TotallyHosted will take care of the backups of the server(s) in question. The customer can specify what to backup and when the backup should occur. For backups in addition to the preset backup schedule, the rate of € 90.00 excluding VAT per hour will be handled.

Hardware + Software troubleshooting and solving software issues (for hardware only with dedicated servers also solving/replacing hardware):
TotallyHosted guarantees that the hardware is functioning properly. If there is a component that is not functioning, TotallyHosted will present an appropiate solution within the specified period. The responsibility of the replacement of the hardware lies with TotallyHosted. If there is a support contract between the customer and the supplier of the server TotallyHosted will intermediate to have the failing hardware component replaced. TotallyHosted guarantees a network availability of 99.8% annually on the server(s) in question.

TotallyHosted is responsible for managing the operating system and applications that are used to provide Internet services, other software does not fall under the responsibility of TotallyHosted. If software causes problems or stops functioning, TotallyHosted come up with a suitable solution within the stipulated period. If Internet services are not available , the customer should notify TotallyHosted as soon as possible. Software modifications must be left to TotallyHosted. These adjustments or transactions will be processed within two working days, and are not covered by the response time / service time. Totally Hosted can not be held responsible for the actions assigned and / or modifications specified by the customer. The customer will be informed by email by TotallyHosted regarding the requested actions and / or adjustments. TotallyHosted will respond to support questions on weekdays between 10:00 and 18:00 within the specified term.
Software accountability: CentOS/Fedora, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Plesk, DirectAdmin.

Patches, updates en upgrades:
TotallyHosted is responsible for keeping the software on the list up-to-date, other software does not fall under the responsibility of TotallyHosted. TotallyHosted will check the server software at least twice a month, with a minimum of 5 working days in between. TotallyHosted reserves the right to not install updates and patches on the server(s), if incompatibility with (other) installed software or hardware is suspected.

Other conditions:
At any time, the customer can approach TotallyHosted to accommodate multiple physical servers and to subscribe extra SLA agreements. SLA agreements are subscriptions per physical server.

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