Frequently Asked Questions

Log in to the Panel. Go to the domain you want to set the catch-all email address for.
Go to Mail, then Preferences. You can see the option "Catch to address", if you click on this option you can fill in an email address. This can be a mail user associated with this site (first create this address via "Mail"!) or an address on another domain.
Please have a look at:
How to configure Outlook to receive e-mail messages from an IMAP server.

The same goes for POP3.

Please make sure you use the full email address as your username.
A catchall email address is an email address to which all email comes in that is not intended for other users on your domain.

You have for example the domain, and 2 user created: Webmaster and Sales.
The email for then arrives at Webmaster, and arrives at Sales. won't arrive at this time. Imagine as catchall, then (but also, etc.) will be fetched by Webmaster because of the Catchall.
For incoming mail, use (replace with your domain).
Your username and password are the same as your account, or a self-created username and corresponding password.

For outgoing mail, we advise you to use the mail server of your own provider. It is possible to mail via your own domain, use as SMTP server and set it to use "verification" for this server (same settings as incoming).