Server Colo Small

Premium Colocation

With TotallyHosted, you have the guarantee on high uptime and redundant 10Gbps connections for your colocation server(s). We are on multiple data center locations DC1/DC2 so we can offer an appropriate solution for each client. Your server is placed in one of our racks which are accessible only to us. Each server is placed at least connected to a 1Gbps uplink and is connected via our redundant Cisco switches to the redundant routers from Cisco Serverius. A customized package is ofcourse possible. Please contact us for a free quote.

Serverius Datacenter DC1 and DC2 meet the high quality ISO27001 and ISO9001 certification.


With every colocation server, there is the possibility to have redundant up-links for your network connection to your server. We also offer redundant APC connections for colocation servers with redundant power supplies.

Premium network
Your server is connected to one of our redundant Cisco L3 switches or an interconnecting HP Procurve L3 switch. Spanning / trunking ports is an option that we offer for servers with multiple network connections.

Managed Colocation
Managed Colocation hosting is available in SLA form. We provide system management and regular software updates for your server. We also advise you in software and hardware choices for your server.

Other rates

The following options are available for colocation:

  • Connect external Device: USB disk, tape backup, etc.: € 25,00 Monthly
  • Connect external KVM over IP (remote view / control): € 45,00 Per hour
  • Plesk 10 domains: € 9,00 Monthly
  • Plesk 30 domains: € 13,00 Monthly
  • Plesk Unlimited domains: € 40,00 Monthly
  • DirectAdmin license (unlimited domains, lifetime internal license): € 125,00 one time fee

Power only on subsequent calculation

Additional KWH / AMP consumption is possible for every colocation server (more than 1A)

Questions regarding colocation?