What is colocation?

What is colocation?

A "colocated server" means a server, which is your property, hangs in a rack with a hosting provider. This can be useful because you hav heavy sites, because you require certain settings or software needs that are not present on normal servers, because it gives advantage to use an entire server itself or simply because you need a lot of disk space for your website(s).
Also, it may be that you want to protect your source code even better; by using your own server and giving nobody access to the services you are the only one who can reach the server. This, of course, requires some experience.
Of course we can help you select a suitable server, and we can also help you to configure / install and keep it updated. Please see Managed Colocation for more information. We can only accept 19" rack servers for colocation, rails are required.

The benefits

Of course it is possible to hang up a server at home. However, this has some cons: limited security, no optimal conditions and no fast network; your upload limit is not nearly sufficient if dozens of visitors view your website at the same time. In our datacenter, we offer excellent security, very fast network speeds up and down, professional climate control and a guaranteed power supply, combined with stringent safety requirements, to ensure trouble-free operation of your server.


You hire space in our racks. The costs depend on the number of U height of your server. 1U is 4.5 centimeters high and 19" wide.

You pay for data traffic in Mbps (Mbits per second). You pay 95% of the highest values measured traffic. It is possible to buy traffic starting at 0.5 Mbit/s. Your traffic is not limited to the number of Mbits that you buy. The traffic is billed each month based on the actual use.

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