What is spam?

One of the words that are now indispensable since the rise of the Internet, is SPAM. Spam is defined as unsolicited bulk e-mail.

Unsolicited means that the receiver has not given prior consent to receive e-mail. Often these mails are about subjects that don't interest the receiver, and which will therefore be perceived as irritating.

What isn't spam?

Of course, this is difficult to explain. When you mail you another webmaster for a link exchange, or send compliments on his / her website, then the webmaster usually is not asking for that and has not given prior consent. However, there is an important difference noticeable: This is a "personal" e-mail. It is a subject that concerns the recipient, and you don't send the e-mail to a hundred others.

Another example is a mailing list. This same e-mail is send to hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands addresses. It is however to be noted again that the receiver himself has registered, the e-mail is therefore not unsolicited.

Our policy

TotallyHosted permits the sending of mass mailings, subject to the following rules:

  • The receiver has itself signed up for the mailing, and has confirmed the registration via a unique link you send to their mail address. Customers who purchase a service from you, may also be mailed.
  • It is not allowed to send more than 50 e-mails per minute.
  • It should be clear how the recipient can unsubscribe. Preferably via a link at the bottom of the email that can be used to unsubscribe directly.

Report spam

Did you receive a spam mail from one of our hosted websites, please inform us via abuse@totallyhosted.nl. We will immediately impose sanctions to prevent recurrence.