Free FTP program

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is used to send files from your computer to a server. This could be the pictures or web pages of your website, which you upload to the web hosting package you purchase from us.

There are hundreds of different FTP programs. Below we have made a short list of free FTP programs.

FileZilla (Windows / Mac / Linux)

One of the most popular FTP programs is FileZilla. Because of its speed and ease of use we highly recommend this program.

Download here

WinSCP (Windows)

Besides FTP, WinSCP offers SFTP and SCP. The synchronization mode, where you can edit your files locally, is ideal. If there are changed files, WinSCP will upload files directly to the server.

Download here

Cyberduck (Windows / Mac)

Slightly more extensive than FileZilla, but still useful. Moreover, available for Windows and Mac, and available free of charge!

Download here






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