Model Rate  
Dell PowerEdge R210 II Dell PowerEdge R210 II 39.00 Monthly
Dell PowerEdge R410 Dell PowerEdge R410 58.00 Monthly
Dell PowerEdge R610 Dell PowerEdge R610 58.00 Monthly
Dell PowerEdge R620 Dell PowerEdge R620 79.00 Monthly
Dell PowerEdge R230 Dell PowerEdge R230 140.00 Monthly
Dell PowerEdge R630 Dell PowerEdge R630 165.00 Monthly
Dell PowerEdge R720 Dell PowerEdge R720 248.00 Monthly

Managed dedicated

Do you want your own dedicated server, but don't want to worry about security, updates, configuration and uptime? It is possible to combine your dedicated server with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that we can take this off your hands.
We will set up your server securely and with the software you need.You can even wake us up in the middle of the night when something goes wrong with your dedicated server. And because of our proactive monitoring, chances are that we are already working for you at that moment ...

Other rates

The following options are available for dedicated servers:

  • Connect external Device: USB disk, tape backup, etc.: € 25,00 Monthly
  • Connect external KVM over IP (remote view / control): € 45,00 Per hour
  • Plesk 10 domains: € 9,50 Monthly
  • Plesk Unlimited domains: € 40,00 Monthly
  • DirectAdmin license (unlimited domains, lifetime internal license): € 125,00 one time fee

Dell Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

At TotallyHosted we only work with the best server manufacturers. For our last series of Dedicated servers, we have chosen a selection from Dell. These Dedicated servers can be completely customized. Each server has one or more Xeon processors that each have four or more cores. Our servers are standard equipped with a 1Gbit port that is not limited. For data storage you can opt for SATA or SSD Enterprise hard disks.

Own platform on a rental basis

With a Dedicated server you have control over the configuration of your server. You can adjust these from the BIOS to software settings as desired. You therefore do not suffer from other customers, which can sometimes occur on shared platforms for hosting or virtual servers. The hardware remains the property of TotallyHosted, which means that when hardware breaks, we replace it free of charge.

Configure online

In our online configurator you can create various Dedicated Bare Metal servers completely to your own wishes. This way every server can be equipped with SATA or SSD disks, even NVME disks are possible in different situations. Do you prefer more RAM for your applications, or perhaps an unmetered 100Mbit, 1Gbit or even 10Gbit port? No problem. If your desired option is not displayed, we can send you a personal quote. We will prepare these offers for you within 24 hours of your request.

Questions regarding dedicated servers?