Environmental conscious Web hosting

Totally Hosted is striving to be as environment consciously as possible.

Because of the cold corridor system our data center is highly-efficient; each row of racks containing a cold corridor, where the air conditioning comes in. The cold air enters the ventilation of the servers, and after the cooling work is done it goes to the hot aisle. Each rack is completely closed with blanking plates so that no cold air is lost. The temperature in the rest of the data center is therefore somewhat higher (24 degrees Celsius) and requires less cooling, thus again saving energy. By making use of free cooling we save 30% in cooling energy annually!

All the used energy is green, and comes from renewable sources.

This, together with other smaller tricks such as turning off lights when nobody is present, solar panels, recycling of heat for offices, etc., ensures that our data centers Serverius DC1 and DC2 are environmentally conscious choices.

TotallyHosted offers sustainable hosting with green energy
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