What is a VPS?

When purchasing a VPS (Virtual Private Server)(shared) hosting package. If you wish to have specific software installed on the Web server, or simply wish to have full root access, a VPS is the right choice.

You can customize your VPS exactly as you wish, you can do this using the VPS Control Panel or via direct SSH (root) access to your VPS.

Optionally, you can order a Control Panel with us, you can specify this in your order. There are no setup costs SLA 1 is included for free!

VPS-hosting met OpenVZ VPS-hosting met SolusVM

VPS Control Panel

Totally Hosted offers a VPS control panel, with which you can view your VPS statistics and manage your VPS (shutdown, restart, reinstall).

VPS screenshot #1

VPS Panel

Console login

VPS screenshot #2

VPS Panel

Reinstall OS

VPS screenshot #3

VPS Panel

Reboot, etc.

VPS screenshot #4

VPS Panel

VPS statistics

Additional options
Convinced of the benefits of a VPS?