10 reasons

TotallyHosted offers the right ingredients for success

10 reasons to pick TotallyHosted

There are literally tens of thousands of webhosting providers. Why would you pick TotallyHosted Webhosting?

1. Clear

Do you have multiple websites? Here you can host multiple domains in one package! Create your own e-mail addresses, add subdomains, databases, or change other settings: easy with our chosen Plesk Control Panel.

2. Speed

Our web servers are equipped with the best processors and the fastest memory. The web servers are in our racks at Serverius DC1 Dronten and Serverius DC2 Meppel. Using multiple independent international carriers, and a direct connection to AMS-IX you are ensured that your websites will be loaded lightning fast - whether in the Netherlands or in the rest of the world!

3. Reliable

We guarantee 99.9% uptime on a yearly basis. Our servers are constructed from A-components, we use only the best brands. The hard disks are double implemented by means of RAID-1; if a hard disk gets corrupted, the data is still on a 2nd hard disk. The MySQL database is backed up every night to multiple locations. Every week a backup is made of all websites. Everything is redundant (dual) carried out to minimize risks.

4. Flexible

Do you need more disk space, but use little data traffic? Talk to us and we will make a custom package. Is the package that you have chosen too big? We will reduce it for you free! Upgrade to a bigger package, VPS, or colocated server, we will be at your service.

5. Filtering

We try to make it as easy as possible. For just € 3.50 per year, we offer e-mail filtering. These filters block virtually all viruses, phishing emails and spam mail. Emails with malicious attachments or unwanted content into your mailbox will belong to the past!

6. Experience

If you choose TotallyHosted, you choose a web host with experience. We have years of experience in Web hosting and scripting. With more than 10,000 sites hosted on our servers, you choose experience.

7. Environment conscious

Not only our logo contains a lot of green, we try to work green as well. From our climate-neutral data centers in Dronten and Meppel with 100% green electricity, to our efficient company cars, we do our best for a better environment.

8. Daily backups of your webhosting.

Of all our shared web hosting and VPS packages we make daily backups which are stored externally. For your colocated server, VPS or dedicated server we can also arrange this course.

9. 24 hours a day available in case of emergencies

When you are dealing with an interruption on your website hosted by us, we are available 24 hours a day through our hotline.

10. Personal but professional

Our company is large enough to ensure a professional approach, but small enough for a personal approach.

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