PHP 7.3 available on our shared webhosting servers

As of today, PHP 7.3 is available on all our shared webhosting Plesk-webservers. See what's new in PHP 7.3 in the Changelog:

Office closed during holidays december 2018

Due to the holidays we are absent from 25 December to 1 January. E-mails and helpdesk tickets will not be answered during this period.

From 2 January we will be present again according to our normal schedule. Of course, action will be taken in case of critical incidents.

Netwerkstoring 18-11

Vanmorgen zijn er netwerkproblemen ontstaan in ons datacenter. De oorzaak van het probleem is inmiddels opgelost door de netwerkengineers. Van 9:55 tot aan 10:15 was het netwerk slecht of niet bereikbaar.

Update 11:12: er is helaas weer een onderbreking geweest in ons netwerkverkeer. Van 10:47 tot 11:07 was het netwerk slecht of niet bereikbaar.


Update 14:48: de storing is inmiddels volledig opgelost.

Onze excuses voor het eventuele ongemak.

New domain extensions .page / .world / .online / .fashion

The last few days we have added a few new domain extensions:
- .page
- .world
- .online
- .fashion
View the rates and see which domains are still available at

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) will take effect on 25 May 2018. All organizations that process personal data must comply with this regulation.

Within the AVG there are two types of processors of personal data: The controller and the processor. TotallyHosted is active in both roles. In our Privacy Statement you will find which data we store as controller.
For your own website, however, you are the controller. This means that you have to document yourself which personal data you store, why you store it, how you secure it and how long you store it.
Our complete explanation of our role in the GPDR (including our role with your website) can be found in the following PDF: GPDR TotallyHosted

You can download and save it.

PHP 7.2 available

On all our shared webhosting-servers, PHP 7.2 is now available for use.

Office closed during holidays december 2017

Because of the holidays, we will not be available for support on the following days:

  • Monday december 25th until friday december 29th

  • Monday january 1st

Ofcourse we will be available by phone in case of emergencies.

Office closed during (Dutch) holidays april 2017

Because of national (Dutch) holidays, our office is closed during the following days:

  • Friday april 14

  • Monda april 17

  • Thursday april 27 and friday april 28

In case of emergencies, we will be available, but no mails will be processed.

Short downtime multiple servers

During a checkup with a thermographic camera in our datacenter, a problem was found with high temperatures on a few power dividers. Because of the risks of this problem, this has to be adjusted ASAP.

A lot of servers have to be taken down so our racks can be moved to another divider. After this, the servers will be turned back on.

The maintenance will take place on 10:30 AM local (Dutch) time on wednesday, December 7th.

A short outage is unavoidable. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Power outage

Because of a broken power divider, emergency repairs had to be done at our datacenter. This resulted in a power outage for all servers.

We have made sure all servers are running. If you still experience downtime, please us know as soon as possible and we will doublecheck.